Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Chinese Tea

This week the climate changes a lot, the heat wave at every corner to touch my body, summer is really coming now, cheap snapback hats, I did not go out under air-conditioning room in the evening, I clear up my cabinet to kill my time after dinner.
There are many kind of tea and coffee boxes there, in fact I did not pick up the coffee yet, only tea there, I remembered at the last week one of my friend came to my home, I picked up one of the tea to show my hospitality, I was so ashamed to get the feedback was the tea was not fresh at all, luckily the friend told me honestly. I don’t know what kind of tea is good or not, and I don’t like tea much, surely to know culture of tea rarely. Most of teas were the gifts from others maybe at the special date or the festival, cheap jerseys, some of them was from the oversea, most are the local domestic product, whatever from where, I should make it clear of the functional for each, which season is suitable for the one, which is good for man or for diet I was heard, I need to know which one is clean up to the rubbish, to avoid any embarrass cases happened again.
To check the label for each one, to find out the expiry date, if it is too close today, it will be also cleared, Surfing the internet to check the functional and the price of the one, wow, some of them it is expensive to my surprised.
Sometime I like to change my mind, drinking coffee instead of tea in some day later, Tea purely comes from China and it has the extensive knowledge and culture background, I need the time to fully understand the tea culture, Wholesale nfl jerseys, at least calm down first to feel the different.

Getting hot

The summer is near around though now it is not that hot as it is in real summer. The rainy season brings high humidity and wet air, Cheap nfl jerseys, meanwhile introduces damp hot into every corner. It all of a sudden stops raining, and again turns to be raining again. There is no sigh when it is to end and when it begins. The necessity of keeping an umbrella is a must under such a climate.

Every year at this time, the waxberry is to harvest on the market. They taste good with a little bit acid and yet still sweet after chewing some of them. Mosquitoes are almost everywhere, especially during this kind of hot and damp weather. They enjoy blood to death without the fear of being smashed.

After having jogging around, all my clothes is wet from head to toes. It seems that I am addicted to this kind of experience of having sweat exercises. cheap hats, Probably dopamine and endorphin are the best friends generated from jogging stimulate brain to drive the body moving forward.
Summer is the season full of enthusiasm and the ideal time for losing weight. Potato coaches should go outside to see if there are some kinds of exercises would be beneficial for physical exercising. Better than doing nothing. Getting away from the air condition which is the cage prevents us from going to anywhere but a indoors man who are lazy to do anything. Surely, wholesale jerseys, it helps us in the sleep in hot days. While, most of the time, we can squeeze out some time going for something.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sports equipment

Sports are including cycling, running, swimming, wholesale jerseyscross-country and triathlon, etc and the equipment of those sports are particular about each with the event of the logo or the name of club, the people are very proud of stick on each equipment.
There are many kind of events of sports, some of them are the social benefit activities, other are not, some are organized by sport club or the big company, the purpose is very clear to maintain the employee recreational activities. The insurance company thanks the clients to help them in the past few years, it will be nominated first from the internet and you may have to pay the equipment, surely the equipment will stick on the logo of sponsors or the name of club, the color for sure is most attractive and flash fashion.
Before I would like buy some sportswear of Nike, Adidas or 361, cheap snapback hatsfeel so cool with the logo. But right now I totally change my mind, the people are more pay attention on the logo of your T shirt or the hat, if I wear the logo of the club or the particular race I am so proud in front of other. That’s why I bought some uniforms in my club of triathlon at the early this year. Forget other sport shirts when I appeared.
One of my friend was invited me to join in a party of running in Aug this year, he sent me the sport equipment I like very much, please see the picture, I can image the group of people are wearing the same color T shirt and you and I running together, how wonderful scenario we have, very proud to be one of them. Now I have collected some shirts with the name of each particular event, I will keep it like my baby. It is my fund of sport, cheap jerseysmaybe one day I will show all of you what I have already.

Sharing Bikes Boom

Since the lunar spring festivel this year,I registered the app of Mobike,cheap nfl jerseysa combined word of mobile and bike.As the name indicates, it's some kind of bike that connected with Internet and smart phones.it's very popular in china now.
It spreads so fast that shocked me and let me have to notice of it .Only in less than three months,they come out every corner of my life.
The most attractive advantage is its convenience.you can ride it around to everywhere whenever you want ,and when you stop ,just lock it and park it by the roadside. It charges according to the use time.commonly Rmb 0.5 half an hour. Recently,It's often No Charge,i guess the reason may be the competition between the company operator. Whatever it's happy to free riding the bikes and on some unusual days, such as 5.20 or some festival,if you ride these bicycles perhaps you will get some rewards,including cash gifts or coupons.
Last week,when I go out for lunch, I met some foreigners around the subway station,one of them was surprised by the little yellow bike(ofo),cheap hatssomeone explain to him:it's very popular in china.And show him the smart lock under the seat.They stood around the bike and chatted happily.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Curry took the initiative in search of the spurs

The golden state warriors beat the SAN Antonio spurs to the finals in the fourth game of the western conference finals on May 23. After the game, the warriors' core Stephen curry saluted his opponent and took the initiative to find devine demond, cheap nba hatswho had been with him for the holidays.
In the third game of the western conference finals, dai demont pulled curry in a cover and apparently had a dangerous move on the inside knee of the knee.
In interviews after the garage straightforward said the action was very dirty: "I know he plays (diamond) is not a dirty player, I don't want to break his reputation. But I think the cover (he) is a very dirty."
But after today's game, curry found dandmon, cheap nfl fitted hatshugged and explained to him, and the two men were at the moment.

Do we really love basketball

115-129, the spurs' season is over. Leonard, although less hurt parker, but that SAN Antonio team, with the united spirit of selflessness, with strong but not make public of low quality, with indomitable fighting spirit, to the final again and they are in the NBA, cheap mlb jerseysis the scenery of this society is not the same, we love the spurs, it is love their maverick in commercial hustle and bustle, it is difficult to replicate the remorse.
In this commercial colour dense basketball league, in the interests of business first, in order to the contract, in order to make moves right, in order to team leader position, had fought alongside teammate, originally struggle of princes, hand in hand will fractious infighting, o 'neal, Bryant combined to obtain a three-peat but war, o 'neal and even threatened to kill him. Mr. Deron and Sloan were in deep love, but they also played the part. The NBA is a microcosm of society, harmony often is relatively, either the danger easily with riches and honour, difficulty or riches and honour to enjoy different when accidents, and the spurs are the exception.
They are like a big warm family, there is a love to drink the old love nagging but love family, have a plain firmly big brother ", although there are a group of naughty brother but both are of one mind, they come from all over the world different personalities, with different abilities are find a suitable location in SAN Antonio, even if you are to play a few role players, can still feel the warmth of home in the spurs.
When bartel played SAN Antonio, he played shaq in training and played only 46 minutes of the season. Bus at that time, English is not fluent, cheap nba jerseysand his teammates communication is restricted, Duncan special find learn a few words of Chinese, want to chat with the bus, the results of a mouth to make jokes, Duncan to find the teacher who is from guangdong, the "rock" learn cantonese, though Duncan did not study Chinese in place, but the bus was very moved. At that time, Duncan often trained with the bus and asked the bus for free throws. History of the league MVP, the spurs first person, to the usual seldom play teammates word, such bus can really feel the respect, Duncan in SAN Antonio, and even can only be on the bench.
The SAN Antonio family is insulated from the infighting and the endless profits. Danny green broke the SAN Antonio spurs' three-point record in the 2014-15 season, and in the summer of 2015, he chose to keep the spurs because of his home.
"SAN Antonio is my home, I am familiar with the team's system, the living and working here are very simple, you won't have such feelings elsewhere," Mr Green said, "so I am willing to accept the spurs contract, rather than the other teams are more expensive contracts. Gregg popovich told me, he will be friendly to me, although I do not believe it."
Home, it's hard for everyone in SAN Antonio to get away. Duncan spent 19 years in the spurs, and parker spent 16 years in the spurs, and ginobili spent 15 years in the spurs. French car became a French car, had long hair flying Argentina youth into a balding uncle, they are not no chance to leave the SAN Antonio spurs, they went to the other team can get higher rates of tactical position with better data, to obtain a higher contract but they choose to present the spurs NBA career, this is the charm of the SAN Antonio spurs. The heat the big three cooperation four years will crumble, three little thunder to three years later started to fall apart, nfl jerseys cheapthe spurs is playing together for 14 years, GDP from fresh clothes NuMa hit of moss white gradually.
Unlike those colorful idol day group, the spurs are rarely have the opportunity to hit the headlines, even a big thing, Duncan announced his retirement was only a paper statement, there is no national tour, the final game of the more dazzling farewell, some just waved goodbye to calm and free and easy, this is the temperament of the spurs, they advocate to show yourself with this desire to attract attention of society seems to "fit".
There's no such thing as a low-key effort. That's the attitude of the spurs. Duncan came to the holy city in 1997, faced with his spurs fans, and didn't say, "not a champion, not two champions..." Such grandiloquence, however, offers a subtle promise: "I just hope you're ready to win a lot of games."
From that moment on, the spurs won many games every year, in the long period of time, the celtics had declined, the lakers had crashed, knight had become a three-point banker, warrior is had for years into the playoffs is not everyone deceives soft persimmon, and the SAN Antonio spurs is standing. We have become accustomed to the spurs played down across 50 games (1997-98 season, the spurs only in the 1998-99 season for 50 games, that year because of the lockout only 50 games during the season, the spurs won 37), as if it is confidence for them so easy.
However, the spurs' success has been the quiet cultivation of the management team to the coach and the player's 20 years. Duncan joined, David Robinson had already fell from the peak, a year before only played six games due to injury, cheap nhl jerseyswas rodman irony as "" the most soft center in the NBA, when parker talent is the first round last, ginobili second-to-last place almost missed out on the draft list team history the greatest perimeter defender Bruce bowen is a draft qualifications, the spurs since 1997, there is no high draft picks, also does not have a big market, such as Los Angeles they formed by management team and the coach's vision, hard work, by the scouts in the lowly taobao award-winning real gold.
When Duncan retired in 2016, the spurs lost their 19th year of the top pick, but they quietly completed the transition, not coincidentally, but with a thick and thin hair. The spurs won in 2007, it was also from that year, the spurs found Duncan affected by chronic arthritis of knee, followed by the inevitable decline, the spurs control Duncan's playing time, step by step and to intensify the play team basketball, at the same time in finding talent player market, in 2011 by George hill for Leonard is genius. Popovich have some hesitation at the time, and then the spurs ta, holzer highly recommend Leonard, the reason is that the young man proving inconclusive and personality traits are in conformity with the spurs are, in fact, holzer vision, this is the very power of the SAN Antonio spurs, their success comes from wisdom, not only by Duncan or only by gregg popovich.
Aldridge's arrival is a rare sign for the SAN Antonio spurs, and the spurs' ability to win the game is a pragmatic team. The lakers lobbied for adder to play the Los Angeles market, cheap ncaa jerseyswhich he wasn't interested in. "Why is it that we can't talk about basketball?" Adder responded to the lakers. The SAN Antonio spurs' recruitment style is a system that tells him how to fit in and what role he will play to convince him that the spurs will succeed. "I think in the SAN Antonio system, I worked with my teammates, and I didn't have a problem with the coach of popovich," he said.
In the spurs' locker room, there is a picture frame, which is a famous motto: the spurs' spirit. "When everything seems to no avail, I went to see a stonemason strikes the stone, he knocked at the 100 times, the stone still did not move, but when he knocked at the 101th, torn in two stones. I know, let rock crack is not the final blow, but on 100 times before."
The spurs are not invincible. They were beaten in the playoffs by the lakers, and they were once beaten by the lakers. Game 6 in the 2013 finals, the spurs have run into a championship trophy with one hand, has been thrown away with James and surrender of striking a blow to ray Allen forcefully pull back. When he was unable to return to the floor, he could not help but cry.
Depth: when we say we love the spurs, do we really love basketball
Is Duncan really old and the spurs not? In the summer of 2013, these questions flew over SAN Antonio. However, just a year later, the spurs came back and hit the heat in the finals. The spurs will lose and hurt, but they will never bow, cheap soccer jerseysbut they will be able to heal the wounds, and they will have a strong sense of confidence and pride.
Losing to our opponents, we made ourselves stronger and then fought back. It was the spirit of the Jordan generation that was passed on to the spurs. Never give up, do not cut corners, there will not beat to start, but solid one step a footprint to repair itself, to find your opponent's flaw, complete the upstream, it belongs to the SAN Antonio spurs them.
In the fast food culture, from the quick success, the spurs are a desire, they are not proud, also not self-pity, but rather down-to-earth go all out, they passed to the society more simple but accurate philosophy of life, respect, low-key, hard work and persistence, which is the spurs' success.
Depth: when we say we love the spurs, do we really love basketball
In fact, it's because they're so much like us
The SAN Antonio spurs, as if is make in our society, there is no outstanding background, not a bright appearance, silently for his ideal struggle, sometimes fall, cheap MLB Hatsget up to move on, even if was black and blue all over you forward, because there is no retreat to choose from. To love the spurs is to love our own life.

Monday, May 15, 2017

35th Anniversary of the first phrase

Li Du Holiday Inn was my first working place since the year 1982. There were 530 students whose were failed in the entrance exam, I remembered only 4-5% rate of acceptance in College at the preiod, I was the lucky one after layers in the interviews be a student in LiDu training school for more than one year, cheap snapback hats, just be prepared an employee in an international hotel which was only three of them in Beijing at the early stage of the reform.
This year is the 35th anniversary of the first phrase of Lidu training school, we should thank the management of Lidu right now still can remember us founding members since 20th, 25th and 30th years anniversary as well we all were called back for the celebration. We were coming and sign in at the garden before 9am, there are many talking and laughing rang out continuously. Surely everybody is getting old and looking has some changes compare with before, but the voice and reaction was the same close as before, even hardly to call name each other, we may tell the your name first before shaking the hand or having the hug.
The first chairman Mr. Zhuang YL was 96 years old this year, coming to the stage gave us the speech was the same forceful as before, and then a few of teachers whom were full of white hair told the stories or uncover the secretes at the school time. At the same time, Canada is one of branch meeting place, there were 7-8 students and teacher there say hello to us from the wet side video, around 10am the group photo was taken at the parking area, there are some chairs has been prepared as flood stair, cheap jerseys, everything is in order and good preparation in advance, can say the organizing committee has the hard working and we know they are all from our students voluntarily.
Very good party we had, we will remember the day and we will see the next party of 40th anniversary in year 2022.